After-Purchase Services
Welcome to our After-Purchase Services area, here you can get help about reinstalling your purchased products, find your lost key code, etc. Please be sure to read through this page before contacting us.

If you lost your registration code or the registration code does not work after you updated to the latest version, please follow the instructions step by step:

  1. Get registration code instantly
    I've lost the code, but I have the order number.
    Please fill your email address (must be the one you fill on your order) and order number in the following form to view your registration code.
    Order Number:
  2. Get my order number
    I lost everything including order number, registration code, yes, everything!
    If you still keep the email address you used to purchase our product, just fill it in the following form. We will email you your order number so you can go to the first step. Otherwise go to step 3.
  3. Change my email address
    I can't remember the email address I used.
    I changed my email address so I am unable to receive your message.
    I'm sure the email address is correct, but your system can't find it.
    You can choose to change your email address to your current one so you will get your registration key easy from above forms. Please fill following form to submit a request to change your email address:
    Order Number :  
    Your full name : *
    Old email address : *
    New email address : *



If you can't find your purchased download or lost your download but still keeps your registration code, what you need is to simply download the file and reinstall it. Following are the download and install instructions for each product: