Install Startup Faster!

Thanks for choosing Startup Faster!! Please follow below step by step instructions to install your copy.

Windows XP/Vista Users:
Click the Download button
When the File Download window appears, select


Windows 98/ME/NT/2000:
Click the Download button
When the File Download window appears, select "Run this program from its current location"


download on Windows XP download uninstaller
download download



  1. Download the trial version of Startup Faster! as above.

  2. After the download was complete, the installation will start immediately, simply follow the steps, in most cases, what you need to do is to press all "Next" buttons.
  3. If the installation was successful, you will see a shortcut on your desktop like below:

  4. Double click the icon to run the program, you will see a reminder scrren like below:

  5. Click "Enter Code" button and the registration dialog will appear as below(you can also click on menu bar, Help->Enter code to bring this dialog), copy&paste (Don't know how? Take a look here) the name and code you received in the email, the registration code is typically like:

    Name: John Doe
    Code: 173D-882C-F9F5-8112-17CA-820D-E077-A0B0-EBFE-A669-4342-313A


    Registration Name: John Doe
    Serial Number: 173D-882C-F9F5-8112-17CA-820D-E077-A0B0-EBFE-A669-4342-313A

    Your registration name is the name after "Name:" or "Registration Name:", in the above example, John Doe. Your registration code is the text after "Code:" or "Serial Number:". In this example, 173D-882C-F9F5-8112-17CA-820D-E077-A0B0-EBFE-A669-4342-313A. Please note there're no letter "O"s in the code, all "0"s are number "zero".

  6. If you know how to copy and paste, please ignore this step. If you don't know how to copy&paste, you can enter the name/code directly, be sure each letter is correct and in its proper case. Please note no more spaces are inserted after the name and code. We often met users entered more than one spaces between First Name and Last Name, like "John      Doe" instead of "John Doe", they are different registration names. If you have typed more than one space during purchase, please also type the same number of spaces when register.
  7. Review the registration name and code you jousted entered, then press OK. A "Thank you!" message will appear.

  8. Congratulations! You've successfully registered Startup Faster!! Thanks again for your support!

If you have purchased our "Lifetime Upgrade" service, you can get all future versions of Startup Faster! for free, we will notify you by email about each paid upgrades. You can also contact us at any time to obtain the latest version and registration code. For our detailed upgrade policy, please visit here.

If you have followed the instructions and been sure you have entered the key code correctly but can't get it to register, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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