Keeping your PC clean has always been challenging.

Now here's the solution. Several uninstall modes make it possible to obliterate every piece of the application.

Your Uninstaller can scan the entire system for every trace of an application (which takes more time) or call the native uninstaller. It's highly customizable.


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Find all traces left in a few clicks.

With our exclusive data censoring technique, Your Uninstaller can find all junk files and registry entries related to a particular app.

By monitoring and analysing the install logs and application behaviors, Your Uninstaller knows all about the application you want to remove. It works like a charm to do its job.

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You get all these features in a single software:


Why people choose us?

We develop hight quarlilty software products and helped over 300,000 clients solving their computer problems.

  • Your Uninstaller! lets you remove programs that do not appear on the Add/Remove Programs list. You can also use Your Uninstaller! to remove clutter (unnecessary files that programs occasionally leave behind) from your Registry.
    Riccardo S.
    Smart Computing
  • Your Uninstaller! shows you all of your program icons in a huge scrollable window that's easy to navigate. If you want more information about a program before you uninstall it and get it removed completely, it's just two clicks away.
    Leena R.
    PC Plus
  • I've been using your Your Unistaller for years and I think it is a great product! It is definitely much much better than the Windows build-in one. I congratulate you for a great product and I really recommend it!!! Thank You.
    Arturo Rivera
  • The very best. It's really wonderful. I STRONGLY recommend Your Uninstaller! to EVERYONE who want his computer CLEAN!
    Anthony A. Newlin
  • It really saves me time and effort. Your Uninstaller! is exactly what my computer has been lacking. I could probably go into sales for you. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
    Carrie R. Powell

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